How to dry Hydrangeas


Today I am going to show you a quick and easy way to dry Hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers! I mean, what’s not to love?

It’s like there are all these tiny little flowers making up this one gigantic fluffy Bloom!
The bushes get huge and they are so beautiful, so full of blooms and color, and you never know what color they’re going to be. Depending upon the soil, the flowers can change color. It’s a great surprise finding out what color your hydrangeas will be! The flowers are so beautiful on the bush and they also make gorgeous cut flower arrangements.


I also love dried hydrangeas, they can be enjoyed all year!  Drying hydrangeas is super easy!

I enjoy my hydrangeas on the bush through about the middle to end of August. (This might be a little different for you according to the area that you live in.) When the blooms have a few tiny dried flowers here and there it’s time to cut them.

How to dry Hydrangeas
Cut the hydrangeas off the bush and give yourself a 10 to 18 inch stem.

How to dry Hydrangeas

I take off all of the leaves except for maybe the top one or two.

How to dry Hydrangeas

Fill the vase with water and place the hydrangeas in the vase.One thing to remember is not to overfill the vase if you if you want your flowers to stay big and fluffy.

How to dry Hydrangeas

If you put too many flowers in each container the stems will not stay straight and the blooms will not look as pretty. Keep a check on the water. You don’t want to let your Hydrangeas run out of water before they’re dried. After they’re dry remove any water that’s left in the vase.

All that’s left to do now is wait. Enjoy your flowers while they’re fresh and before you know it you’ll have dried Hydrangeas!

How to dry Hydrangeas www.thewhole9yards.tvIt’s that simple! 🙂

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