DIY Wood and Metal Picture Frame Tutorial


DIY Wood and Metal Picture Frame Tutorial


It’s  just the middle of January and I’m ready for Summer. ☀️ It actually feels like Summer here, but I know in a few days it will be winter again! Gotta love ❤️Georgia! How about a winter project? I have a great one! I posted this picture of my family room on Instagram and I realized I never posted the DIY on these awesome picture frames!

I made these several years ago when I made Blake’s bed. That was before I started Blogging so I don’t have step by step instructions for these. However, this past summer when I did the Modern Rustic Conference Room we made some very similar to these.  I do not have pictures of every single step but I tried to lay it out for you. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

The main difference in these and the ones in the tutorial is new tin (you can purchase at Lowes) and the wood on the back is one piece of plywood instead of the  tongue and grove wood. I love the old rusty tin and the tongue and groove wood but rusty tin is not always available and the plywood is a little easier than the tongue and groove.

 So let’s get started!The first thing you need to do is decide what size your image will be. We started with old slides. Fast photo in Dalton printed these for me. They did a great job! This was the largest we could go. I think they were 11×16. (When I made mine I just printed them from my printer on regular paper.)

I added about an inch (all the way around) for papers under my picture. Then I added about 1&1/2 inches all the way around for burlap.

Then I added approximately 3 inches of tin all the way around and another 2 inches of wood all the way around.

So my wood was approximately 31″ wide by 26″ tall. My tin was approximately 27″x 23″. I cut my Lexan glass the same size as my tin (You can buy Lexan at Lowes and they will cut it for you. It’s very similar to plexiglass but you can make holes in it and it will not break!)

I used paper from Hobby Lobby to give my pictures some  dimension.

I layered this tissue paper that looked like old newspaper and chalkboard paper (I got both of these in the party section)

 I tore the edges instead of giving them a straight cut. Then I crumpled  up the tissue paper and flattened it back out. I like the way it make it look old😉

Then I cut my burlap and unraveled  the edges.

  Next layer your picture over your papers and put them on top of the burlap. I used some hot glue to keep them from shifting.  Set that aside.

 Now back to the wood. If you are using tongue and groove wood you need to put it together with some wood glue in each joint and a flat metal brace on the back. You can also use a wood Brace. (I used plywood that I had cut at Lowe’s on the frames in my Living room)

I do not have pictures of the step. Sorry!

 I used tin snips and a square with the carpet knife to cut my metal.  I marked my cuts with a sharpie. Tin snips will cut the  corrugated edges  On the straight part you just need to score it with a carpet knife and it will break into. Be sure to wear gloves and protect your eyes with goggles.👓

 Center the metal in the wood and then screw the metal to the wood.

Now for the Lexan glass. I used two pieces of glass sandwich together for this project.  Lay them down flat together and drill your holes into both pieces at the same time so your holes will lineup when you put your frame together.

  Now peel the sticky paper off the Lexon glass and center the print on the bottom piece of glass.  I also used a small amount of hot glue to make sure my image did not shift.

 Now put the top piece of glass on, center the holes and put your screw through the glass metal and then the wood.  I also used a washer behind my screw. I liked the way it make the screw look bigger and more industrial.

 This is what it looks like from the side. The screw should go all the way through the glass, tin and the wood to hold it all together.

Now all that is left is to put  your picture hanger on the back. I used eyelet screws and a heavy gauge wire on mine.

Measure 1/3 of the way down for your eyelet screw. This will create balance when you hang it.

Well……. There you go!!!! 😃 You’re ready to hang your pictures!

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