Lighting at The Tee Top House

Hi friends! I’ve had so many questions about the lighting in our home I decided to put a post together with all the links. All of the lighting in home was sponsored by Kichler Lighting. If you’ve been around for a while, you know that they are my favorite!!

Let’s start in the Entryway & Living Room. I absolutely love these lights!

Here’s the link for the Entryway. It is the 15” 3 light Piper Ceiling light. It also comes in a chrome finish.

Doesn’t it look so pretty on? 😍 In the Living Room we used the larger 6 light version. Here’s the link

Check out this beauty in the Dining Room. Don’t you just love the modern touch it adds to this room? It’s the Kizette Chandelier in Champagne Gold. Here’s the link

Moving into the back hallway We used the Moorgate ceiling light. It’s such a nice size ceiling light. Here’s the link

In the kitchen we used 3 Ellerbeck Wall Sconce in Natural Brass. I love that these are adjustable. They were the perfect accent for over the sink. Here’s the link

We also used several of these Slim Direct-to-Ceiling Integrated LED lights throughout. Here’s the link

In the Breakfast Room we used the Kimblewick 6 Light Chandelier. I love the mix of wood, metal & parchment glass teardrops. It’s absolutely gorgeous 😍 Here’s the link

I love it so much I used the larger version in the bonus room, it’s the 9 light. Here’s the link

On the Porch we used these gorgeous 52” Gentry ceiling fans in Black. You can use these indoors as well as on a porch. Here’s the link

In the Primary Suite bedroom & over the bathroom we used Arabella Chandeliers. I love this collection because it reminds me of beautiful jewelry! Here’s the link

We also used these Trentino Wall Sconce in Natural Brass. They’re the perfect accent to any artwork. Here’s the link

Do these Arabella Wall Sconce remind of you jewelry? Here’s the link

In the upstairs hallway we used Darton 3 Light ceiling light in Brushed Natural Brass. I love that this light can be used as a ceiling light or a pendant! Here’s the link

Piston Chandelier is a perfect bedroom light! The mixture of black metal and brushed Natural Brass is perfection! Here’s the link

This one is just dreamy!! The suspended glass bubbles add the perfect touch of whimsy. This is the 3 light Imbuia ceiling light. Here’s the link

Alton Vanity light is the perfect fit for our Guest bathroom. Here’s the link

Last but certainly not least are the Bay Village Outdoor Wall Lights are a perfect fit for our exterior. Here’s the link

Well y’all that about wraps it up! I hope this was helpful. As always, if you have any questions let me know.

I hope you all have a great week.

With much love,

Leanna 💕

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