One Room Challenge Week 6

Week 6

Hi friends! Welcome to week 6 of the ORC

We got several things done in the kitchen this week. We were able to finish building the cabinets from the ceiling to the kitchen countertops & install the beam that goes from the range hood to each cabinet.

The plumbing was finished for the pot filler but we have to wait for the Quartz backsplash to be installed before we can install the new pot filler.

I removed the cabinet doors & painted all of the new (& blue 😂) wood. I think it’s turning out great!

I also taped the floor so I could touch up the baseboards (after having the floors refinished) & paint the new trim under the dishwasher.

I also primed the trim around the bottom of the sink cabinet.

Now I just need to paint on the finial coat & paint the pulls on the spice drawer pullouts. I could not find the drawer pull style I wanted in the brushed gold finish so I had to get these and put my own finish on them. Where there’s a will there’s a way!😉😂

The coffee bar was trimmed out and The blue doors were added to connect centerpiece to the pantries. We also built a “ceiling” to join the pantries together.

The countertop is still wet from where I cleaned it. It doesn’t look streaked when it’s dry. The finish is very pretty and smooth.

We decided to do a wooden countertop to bring the wood color from the vent hood to this side of the room. It also saved us a lot of money. Instead of the normal butcher block countertop (which I think was a little too active for the space) we decided to use a flat door. We cut it down to size and now I just have to fill in the front places where the hinges were supposed to go. After it is stained & sealed I do not think you’re ever going to know that in its previous life this was a door! 😂

Does the Dog Kong toy match the cabinet doors or do the cabinet doors match the Dog Kong toy? 😂

Every time I think all of the blue is covered up, somehow, someway a little bit seems to find its way back into our home. 🙈😂

Ok, now all of the blue is covered!! 😂 I primed the blue doors & the base trim. I had to remove the pantry door to make it easier to reach. (I borrowed Gracie’s bed to sit on while I worked 🤣) Now I just need to paint the bead board & add the door pulls on the new doors.

Hopefully by this time next week we will have the backsplash installed and the rest of the painting done on the cabinets and the walls. Fingers crossed!

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A special thanks to Apartment Therapy 

the official media partner for the ORC

#ORCAT #ApartmentTherapy

I hope you have a wonderful week & Thank you for following along with me on this journey!

With much love, 

LeAnna 💕

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