One Room Challenge

One Room Challenge Week 5

Hi friends,

Welcome to week 5 of The One Room Challenge. I hope you all have had a wonderful week.

This week we are still unpacking. I’m so excited to have all of our things out of storage, I know I’ve said it before but It feels like Christmas!

I have definitely learned some thing from this last moving experience. When we put our things into storage over two years ago I really thought that they would only be there for a couple of months. Well, a couple of months turned into a couple of years before we knew it. Had I known that, I definitely would have been more selective about what I chose to keep. I would’ve sold so many things, put the money I got from that into a separate account to be used on new furniture & accessories when we bought our house. Putting the money into a separate account would ensure that it doesn’t just get mixed in with other household expenses.😉

Oh well, lesson learned. 😂

As far as our kitchen renovation goes, we have been washing the dust off of everything & trying to get organized.

Just when I feel like I’m getting things all put together, we have to pull things out of cabinets & closets again. This time to install the pot filler.

We had to install the water cut off & move some wiring. I’m so glad we have this closet that backs up to the kitchen to make things easier to get to.

This is the entry from the garage

So many boxes! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Two days ago this looked somewhat put together. Everything that was in the closet had to come out. Such a mess, but that’s just part of living through a remodel.

This table was also cleaned off a few days ago as well. 😂

For the pot filler to go in, the Sheetrock has to come out.

Just a little Sheetrock dust and mess but it will definitely be worth it!

Isn’t she lovely?!?!? I absolutely love the finish on our new pot filler & I can’t wait to see it installed. Hopefully they will finish the installation on Monday. I’ll keep you posted! 😉

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A special thanks to Apartment Therapy 

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I hope you have a wonderful week & Thank you for following along with me on this journey!

With much love,


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  1. Loretta says:

    Looks so good… thanks for sharing this!


    1. Thank you so much! You’ll have to come see me when I get finished ❤️


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