One Room Challenge

Week 3

Hi friends!

Welcome to week three of the ORC. This week at the Patton house it’s all about refinishing our floors! We had to pack up everything (again) and move it all out!

That was not fun and neither was not getting to sleep in our bed all week but we made it through! 😅 😂

This entire post is dedicated to saying farewell to these ugly orange floors! 😂

Originally we thought our floors were red Oak. I mean look how orange they look!

When the floor refinishing company got here he said this is definitely white oak and not red! I cannot even tell you the joy that field my heart! I wanted to scream and shout and jump up and down for joy!

So how do you know whether your hardwood floor is Red or White Oak?

One thing he said to look for when you’re trying to determine what type of wood flooring you have are the knots.

He said Red Oak has knots like this. They’re larger and there are more of them.

White oak looks like this. Fewer, smaller & lighter knots. The wood looks more clear to me.

Wow! Just take a good look at the difference!

Here’s a view of the living room right off of the kitchen.

This was our previous Lake House. These floors were our favorite, this is the look we are after. Now that we know that we know our floors are white oak this look is achievable.

I know it’s hard to see but these are the sealer samples on the hardwood.

We moved to the dining room where the lighting was better to look at the sealer samples. They were all still wet here. After they dried they are clear each having a light tint. The back one has a slight golden tint the middle more brown the closest is more white. We went with the closest sample that’s more white.

Here’s a Look into the dining room while they’re applying the poly.

Here’s a look after they’re finished!!! They’re absolutely gorgeous 🥰

Now we can finish the trim on the bases cabinets & paint the walls! Yayyy!!

So that’s it for this week. The movers are coming on Tuesday with our furniture! It’s been in storage for so long I had to look through my Instagram pics to see what all we have. 😂

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A special thanks to Apartment Therapy

The official media partner for the ORC

#ORCAT #ApartmentTherapy

I will continue to post weekly updates. I hope you will follow along with me on this journey!

With much love, 


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