Clock Gallery Wall Part 3 of The Rustic Conference Room

Do you know what time it is? It’s time to check out this Awesome Clock Gallery Wall! ðŸ˜Š

 This is a part of the Rustic Conference Room Project.

In my two previous post, We took a look inside the Conference Room area.

Modern rustic conference room

 Today, I’m going to show you the staircase and hallway area leading into the Conference Room.

The U-Shaped staircase leading up to the Conference Room is nice and wide.  I wanted the wall on the landing area and the hallway  to be a focal point,  something to make a statement and tell the story of this company.

 I had several different ideas, then it hit me! A Gallery Wall!  Not just any Gallery Wall, A Gallery Wall of Clocks!  One Clock representing each of the Company’s Locations across the World!

 Clock gallery wall

Each clock has a custom-made wood and metal sign stating the Location of that  facility.  Chatsworth, Georgia being in the center of it all.

Clock gallery wall

Clock gallery wall

Clock gallery wall

 I used clocks of all different shapes and sizes.

Clock gallery wall

 Between my Carpenter and the guys at Cimbar in Chatsworth these signs really came  together.

The guys from Cimbar made the metal signs.

Then my Carpenter cut the wood that we  salvaged from the job site and mounted the metal signs on top.

Clock gallery wall

 Do you recognize the top concrete beam that the “Cimbar Performance Minerals Global” Sign is hanging from?  It’s the piece that we cut off the table that’s under the TV in the Conference Room. 😉

 It was the perfect size and my Carpenter, Stacy did such a great job cutting it, we were able to use it instead of a wood beam.

 I really like that the concrete adds another texture.

Clock gallery wall WWW.the whole 9

I’m not sure the clocks were set to the correct times when I took this picture!😂😂😂

Clock gallery wall

 This is the view coming up the stairs.

Rustic metal frames

  My clients had  negatives for pictures that hadn’t been developed of the original Mines in Chatsworth,Ga.

Rustic metal picture frames

 I decided to have them developed and frame them using the salvaged metal and wood that was left over from the ceiling.

Rustic metal frames

 Stacy and I made the 3 framed prints to hang in the hallway leading into the Conference Room.

Rustic metal picture frames

 I will have a tutorial on the blog soon with step-by-step  instructions for making these awesome picture frames!  Yay 🙂

Rustic metal picture frames

 Well, that’s the end of our tour! Thanks for taking the “Time” to stop by!😂

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