Shutter made from Laminate Flooring

I have a great project to share with y’all! I recently made this cool shutter out of something you would never expect!

It’s Laminate flooring! No joke! I used Armstrong’s Architectural Remnants Collection Laminate flooring for this project. The color is Antique Structure Milk Paint L3100.


 Isn’t it great???

When my friends at Georgia Carpet Industries showed me the samples of this product I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I could think of so many things I would like to make out of it. It has such a beautiful white distressed finish it would be gorgeous as wall-to-wall flooring but there are so many things I would love to use it for in addition to that.
I have several other projects that I will be posting soon that are made out of this awesome product. There are so many pretty patterns and colors to choose from it was hard to decide which project to do first!

I really love the look of this wide plank; it’s also really easy to work with because it’s so wide.

The first step in this project was to decide what size I wanted my shutter to be.
I found this beautiful Metal wall sconce at the Meander Shop. It pretty much helped me determine what length I wanted to make my shutter. I knew I wanted to center the sconce on the shutter and still have some room on top and bottom. I took the length of my Metal sconce and added about 10 to 15 inches to each end.


Each piece of this laminate flooring is 7.59″ X 47.83″ X 0.47″ . I wanted my shutter longer than that I cut four other pieces two for each end. Since this product is made to go on the floor, it has interlocking grooves on each side and each end. You want to make sure when you cut your pieces you leave that edge and that should interlock. Cut off the opposite end to get your length correct. (This will leave the outer edges smooth.)


Here are the pieces I had cut. 2 long pieces for the center, 4 pieces for the ends and 2 slender pieces to cover the seams. The two longest pieces for the middle were only cut on one side, just to remove the interlocking piece.


Once I had all of my pieces cut I was ready to put them together.



I reinforced each seam with gorilla tape. This step was probably not necessary; I just wanted to have that extra hold.


I used wood glue in each seam.


Put the pieces together at an angle just like you were installing them on the floor. You’ll know they’re in correctly because you’ll feel them kind of click together.


First the middle pieces.

12931054_10209778405760091_5620835730686929359_nThen the end pieces.12938270_10209778404880069_1162518041917455249_n

Add all 4 end pieces, then press down to make the tape stick.



Add glue to the strap piece.


Measure to make sure the strap is straight. Let the glue dry.


Measure and mark where each screw needs to go.


Next screw the strap piece in place. Pre-drill the hole first then add the washer and the screw. I used the washer for more of an industrial look. I liked the way it made the screw look bigger.

(If you skip pre-drilling it will cause your shutter to bow out.)


After the glue is dry and the straps are on turn the shutter over and reinforce with 2 flat brackets on each end. I placed these on each end. One side of the bracket on each side of the seam.


Dry brush the outer edges with white paint.

If you want to hang your shutter, you need to place hangers on the back as soon as the shutter is dry.


I nailed one small nail into the shutter and placed the sconce on top! Yeah!!!

 What other projects would you do with your left over Laminate?

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