How to Tie a Bow – Christmas Bow Tutorial Video!

In this video I will show you how to tie a bow like a professional!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season so far. Here is the first of several videos to help make your Christmas beautiful. I often have people ask me to teach them to tie a bow for their tree. The three simple steps to remember are loop, pinch, and twist. Once you know how to do this, the possibilities are endless! In this video I am also going to show you how to tie a bow by layering several ribbons. When you layer less expensive ribbons on the bottom, you can add a small amount of a more expensive ribbon on the top for a fabulous designer bow! Every year I get so excited when Costco puts out their ribbons! It’s usually around the first part of November. I try to get several rolls to use as fillers on the Tree. At seven dollars for a fifty yard roll, you just can’t beat it! I use bows year round for different projects and hopefully now, you will too!

Here are a couple of my finished bows!

How to tie a bow - My bows example 1

How to tie a bow - My bows example 2